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Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These are actually patient comments about their health treatment and results.


Thanks to a good friend of mine who was always hearing me coughing and finally told me about his brother and himself and the N.R.T. has really helped them tremendously. The thought of finally getting some relief without pills was great, but I had skepticism. I finally made the appointment with Dr. Hesselberg. A month later my sinus issues were almost gone I was not taking any sinus pills at all. After the second month I was finally free from medication, and I am functioning with a clear mind and no more walking around in a daze. I never thought foods were part of my problems. Your eating habits must be changed and being a chocolate addict it was a major challenge. But, I won so far, I take my supplements, I read the labels for sugar content, no more chocolate. I have also lost body fat and 23 pounds. I feel GREAT and it really works if you do what Dr. H ask you to do! B.T.


I will be the first to tell you I was very SKEPITAL about the whole thing. But I decided what do I have to lose my energy level are low, I can't lose weight, and I always have aches and pains. Four weeks later I was still skeptical about program but I notice my hair was thicker and my skin was softer and acne was clearing up. I never thought anything would or could help with that. Now 10 weeks later my skin and hair look great and my energy level are 70% better. I have lost 18 pounds and very glad I gave the N.R.T. and Dr. H a try. T.A.

Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was feeling lethargic, out of energy and feeling like I had a flu. I was having problems swallowing, digesting but always hungry after eating. Because of my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was always feeling pain or sick. The meds I was taking caused weight gain and edema in my hands and feet. I was also falling for no reason, hurting myself and very worried I may end up in a hospital. The first day after my detailed exam, I started my natural health design. I had frequent pit stops, felt better and my throat problem vanished. I stopped to have lunch and felt full after only eating half of my lunch. The flu like feeling vanished on day two along with my feeling sluggish. My hands and feet were back to normal size. I still have some pain but not half as much. On day three, I got up with no pain, no digestion problems and I really feel my life is mine again to be healthier. Thanks for everything Dr. H. K.Z.

Diabetic and Crohn's Disease

I had severe gastric pain from Crohn's Disease, high blood sugars - classified diabetic, thyroid levels way off, digestive problems, weight issues, headaches, backaches, mucous build up, allergies and high blood pressure. I was on 14 different prescription medications. I've been working with Dr. H for almost a year. The pain from my Crohn's is diminished and symptoms are passed. My blood sugars and classification of diabetes is gone. I'm not taking any medications for my Crohn's at all and the few medications I'm still on and been drastically reduced by my primary care physician. My thyroid levels have evened out; my digestion is a lot better. I've lost almost 100 lbs. My headaches are much better than they used to be. My backaches are not as severe. My mucous drainage and allergies have gotten better and my blood pressure medications have dropped in half. I can't say enough about Dr. H. I feel like he's given me my life back. D.B.

Weight Lost

I was working out 3 times a week and watching what I ate and still put on weight. Dr. Hesselberg did a NRT check and found that a toxin was affecting my thyroid. He put me on a program that I followed exactly what he said and I lost 23pounds and I'm still losing. Thank you Dr. Hesselberg and Staff for helping me. J.K.

Adrenal Exhaustion / Thyroid Hyperactivity

"Before I began Dr Hesselberg treatment plan [Nutrition Response Testing] 2 months ago, I was always exhausted, too thin, suffering from continual and seemingly random allergies to food and environmental substances. I felt like a limp rag after pushing my body to the edge of exhaustion with stressful work for many years. An ASI saliva test diagnosed me with Total Adrenal Failure Level 7, and a blood test showed a viral condition. My skin was thin, pale and slightly green. I was weak and unable to concentrate. I had to stop my exercise routine, and needed to rest in bed a great deal during daytime hours. I felt confused and desperate. My mealtimes were unpleasant, as my digestive organs contracted with pain frequently during and after mealtimes, as if they didn't want to accept what I was eating. My stomach remained full and bloated for 3-6 hours after mealtimes. I had eliminated many things from my diet, following an electronic allergy test. But my reactions did not agree with the allergy test, so I didn't know what to eat and what not to eat. My bowels were irregular and too hard or too soft. For 2 months I have been following Dr. Hesselberg treatment plan and taking supplements with every meal. I have completely eliminated from my diet sugar, wheat, corn, soy and dairy. I added more protein to my diet, and eliminated most sweet fruits, as Dr. Hesselberg suggested. Now after 2 months, I am not as tired and I can concentrate just fine. My food reactions are no longer random, they are extremely clear, and occur only if I eat any of the 5 things I am to eliminate from my diet. Mealtimes are pleasant and relaxing, as my digestive organs accept and digest what I eat. My digestion is still slow, but it is functioning. My digestion has stabilized. My bowels are regular once to twice per day, easy and clean. I have eliminated sugars from my diet, and I have no more sugar cravings. I have started to walk one mile 3 times a week. My circulation is improving and I have color in my skin. I feel physical stability in my life. I feel like I am in control of my health." Thank You Dr. Hesselberg and everyone at Hesselberg Chiropractic. J.B.

More energy

Dr. Hesselberg, immediately identified the problems I was having and it made perfect sense when he explained it to me. After only a few short weeks, my body feels healthier, I'm sleeping better, and I have more energy. I am grateful for his help and willingness to explain everything to me! If your thinking about trying it just do it. B.B.

Seizures and Headaches

I have been dealing with seizures since I was 10 years old, also headaches and nervousness since I was 19, which became worse after the birth of my daughter. I have been seeing Dr. Hesselberg for Chiropractic and Nutrition. It took a little time and a couple different supplements; I am now on a program that has eliminated my headaches and nervousness. My seizures are now few and far between and much milder. My daughter is also a patient of Dr. Hesselberg and is doing great. L.B.

Sinus and Allergies

I had been having a very difficult time with sinus problems and itching. I went to see both allergy specialists and dermatologists and neither could find the cause of my problem. A short treatment prescription of Prednisone was only temporarily helpful, because as soon as I was done with the prescription, the rash and itching returned. I didn't feel a continuation of the Prednisone was the solution so I started to see Dr. Hesselberg and his Nutritional Response Testing. He found some key problems in my body and recommended three different types of whole food nutritional supplements. In less than two weeks the sinus problems and itching started to subside. A month has gone by since, and I have had no symptoms or problems. I can't believe it was this easy. I think everyone should at least try his testing and follow his recommendations. It really works. Thank you Dr. Hesselberg. A.A

It Really Works

I was a little skeptical at first but I have now lost 23 pounds in 3 months and have more energy now then when I was 25 years old. I had so many problems with my health and now I'm so happy and I know that I'm only going to get better. Dr. Hesselberg continues to help me work on my diet. It so easy to eat the right way and I really thought it was going to be a lot harder. All my friends can't believe the way I look and feel and now I have referred them all to Dr Hesselberg. Thank you so much to everyone at Hesselberg Chiropractic. If you are having a hard time losing weight and want help restoring your health back to normal try Dr. Hesselberg nutrition testing it really works. D.H.

Headaches and Neck Pain

I started seen Dr. Hesselberg for headaches and neck pain that I have had daily for 9 years. I got better after a few adjustments but they would continue to come back. My medical doctor of course wanted me to take more medication to help with pain.  Dr. Hesselberg suggested that I try their Nutrition exam along with Chiropractic treatments. After taking the Standard Process supplements and changing some of my eating habits (which I thought I was eating pretty healthy) I now have no pains without any medications. I am continuing to work on my health naturally with Chiropractic and Nutrition to fix my problems so that they will not come back. I have more energy now then I have ever had. I would recommend everyone try the Nutritional exam as part of your treatment it really works. Thank you Dr. Hesselberg and staff. B.L.

High Cholesterol

I started seen Dr. Kelly at Hesselberg Chiropractic for mid and low back pain, which got better after a few adjustments but my cholesterol was staying high despite adjusting my diet and exercising. I had been taking supplements (another brand) that were made specifically to lower cholesterol and they weren't working. My medical doctor wanted me to take medication to help lower my cholesterol, which I was reluctant to take; I thought there was no other choice. Dr. Kelly suggested that I try the N.R.T. and see if it would help. Now, with the diet changes and taking the recommended supplements my triglycerides and LDL dropped 40 points each and my HDL went up by 20 points. This gives me hope again that my cholesterol can get back into good standing without taking any pharmaceuticals." I admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I would recommend everyone try it, it works. T.T

Swollen Feet

My feet were so swollen and sore that I walked with a severe limp I could hardly walk. My general practitioner and podiatrist did some x-rays and other test. I eventually had steroid shots in my feet and they recommended orthotic inserts (which I paid over $400). After a few weeks of coming to see Dr. Kelly for Chiropractic treatments I had experienced some moderate improvement. That's when I started the N.R.T. program and we made a breakthrough that has lead to dramatic improvement in the last couple of weeks. I am almost pain free now and the swelling is gone. I am moving in the right direction with my health and I am able to walk without a limp for the first time in 6 months." Thanks you everyone at Hesselberg Chiropractic for getting my life back. W.B.

Sleeping Problems

I came to Hesselberg Chiropractic with numerous symptoms: very tired, frequent night time urination, interrupted sleep, back and knee pain. Being tired so much I was frequently snacking to give myself energy to keep going during my workday. Dr. Kelly started adjusting me and explained how the nervous system works and how pressure on the nerve will cause my symptoms. He told me that I may have some nutritional deficiencies and for me to try the NRT testing. I'm glad I did try it now after 2 months of supplements and changing my diet I feel so much better. In the process I've lost 10 pounds and I have the energy to exercise every day. I sleep better and don't get up frequently during a nights sleep. It was wonderful not to leave with numerous prescriptions for antibiotics and have to deal with unpleasant side effects. Thanks so much to everyone at Hesselberg Chiropractic. Follow their recommendations they will help you. C.T.

Frequent Urination

For the past couple years I have been getting up 7-8 times a night to urinate. My MD has run me through every test possible with nothing showing up. I have tried every medicine possible with no help. After my initial check-up Dr. H knew what the problem was and what to do. I was put on a program and within a couple of weeks my frequent urination was gone. Thank you for giving back a full night's sleep. H.F

High Cholesterol, Glucose, and Blood Pressure

I was gaining weight and tired all the time. My M.D. ran blood tests on me and I was diagnosed with hyper thyroid, high cholesterol, high glucose, high blood pressure. I was starving myself to lose weight with no success. Now, I've lost 14 pounds. My blood test results show no thyroid, glucose, or cholesterol problems! Not hungry between meals either. I feel great! My M.D. said she had never seen cholesterol lowered so much with just diet changes. My cholesterol has been over 420 for 5 years, now it's 160! I wanted to tell my MD it was because I'm eating more butter and meat but she would think I'm crazy! Thanks Dr. H for changing diet and the way I think about food and getting my life back! A.S.

Low Energy

I was drained of energy. My right knee was very painful and when I walked it would not hold my weight. I would get out of breath when I would try to clean my home, go shopping, even when I washed dishes or vacuumed. I had stomach problems and excessive gas. All my problems have virtually disappeared and I have lost 12 pounds. My energy is back; I feel that old age is a thing of the past. Dr. Hesselberg and his staff are exceptional. Thank you so much Dr. Hesselberg, you saved my life. H.T.

Knee Pain

When I came to Hesselberg Chiropractic I was drained of energy. My right knee was very painful and when I walked it would not hold my weight. I would get out of breath when I would try to clean my home, shopping, even when I washed dishes or vacuumed. I had stomach problems, acid reflux, and excessive gas. Dr. Hesselberg had been adjusting me for about 2 weeks when he told me about his Nutritional Response Testing (N.R.T.). I decided to try it even though I was skeptical. Now, after only 2 months I am a new person. All my problems have virtually disappeared. My energy is back; I feel that old age is a thing of the past. Dr. Hesselberg and his staff are exceptional. I know that if I had not received help with my ailments, I am positive that 2010 would not be in my future. Thank you so much Dr. Hesselberg, you saved my life. B.H.

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