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Standard Process Products and Their Uses:

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The following is based on clinical experience and not by Standard Process.

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(Products Alphabetically Listed)

A-C Carbamide®: This product is a natural diuretic that purifies and cleanses the kidney, bladder and urine. It helps with water retention symptoms, edema, glaucoma and nightmares. This product helps with bags under the eyes.

Adrenal, Dessicated: This product is a temporary support for the adrenals when stronger support is needed. It is good for exhaustion, sudden severe stress, shock, burns, fatigue and hypoadrenia (slow adrenals). This is a good product to use during athletic competition.

AF Betafood®: This product is used to help thin the bile and promote better liver and gall bladder function. It assists in the conversion of fat to sugar. It is also a natural antibiotic which destroys harmful bacteria. This product helps with fat digestion, nausea, gas, bloating and right shoulder blade discomfort. Gallbladder problems usually cause pain or pressure in the right shoulder and upper back.

Albaplex®: This product is good for rebuilding the kidney and kidney detoxification. It works better on heavier people.

Allerplex®: This product is excellent for people who suffer from allergies, lung and asthma problems, sinus infections, pneumonia and colds. It contains nutrients for the liver, immune system, lungs and adrenal glands. It helps with any environmental allergies as well as the reduction of mucus. It helps support the body's immune system response to seasonal, environmental, and dietary stresses.

Antronex®: This product is a natural anti-histamine and liver decongestant. It contains Yakriton, a bovine liver fat extract which helps maintain a healthy liver via its blood filtering and effect on histamine. It is an excellent product for relieving drainage brought on by colds and allergies. This product is excellent for allergies, asthma and for people who have migraine headaches. To work effectively, this product needs an acid gastrointestinal tract so I add Cal Amo or Zypan along with it. Arginex: This product is a kidney detoxifier. It is good for urinary tract infections, kidney problems, gout, fluid retention and high blood pressure.

B6 Niacinamide: This product is excellent for carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in extremities, pregnancy edema and adrenal insufficiency. This product is excellent for recharging the adrenal glands. It is good for arthritis. It also supports protein and fat metabolism.

Betacol®: This product is a good liver detoxifier. It has anti-stiffness factors and is excellent for the arthritic person who has stiffness and swelling in the joints.

Betafood®: This product is a gallbladder and liver decongestant. It helps mobilize bile and is good for gallstones.

Betaine Hydrochloride®: This product supports protein digestion, iron and calcium absorption and normalizes stomach pH. It is good for flatulence, indigestion, demineralization, vomiting and diarrhea and foul gas. It is good for people who cannot digest protein or absorb minerals. It is an acidifying factor.

Bio-dent®: This product is excellent for people with any kind of teeth or gum problems. It is excellent for children who have cavities. It contains manganese which makes bone tough. It is also a complete protein product excellent for dental problems.

Biost®: This product is good for bone, teeth and related tissues. It is excellent for dental problems, loose teeth, denture sore spots, bone repair, gum disease and bone-jointconnective tissue symptoms.

Black Current Seed Oil: This product is an excellent source for the essential fatty acids known as Omega 6. It promotes the production of prostaglandins which are hormone precursors. It is good for inflammatory conditions, dry skin and eczema.

Cal-Amo®: This product is excellent for joint pain, bursitis, allergies and asthma. This product helps to acidify the body which is useful in the support of proper acid and alkaline balance. Maintaining a healthy pH balance at the cellular level helps support and maintain respiratory and connective tissues and skeletal structures and supports the immune system. When the body is too alkaline, calcium precipitates out of solution and forms deposits in various places on the body. This product is also excellent for bee stings and itching on the body.

Calcifood®: This product helps support bones and teeth. It is good for bone deformities, dental problems and protein-mineral-enzyme deficiencies. This product is excellent for any spine problems and it strengthens the blood.

Calcium Lactate: This is one of the best sources of absorbable calcium. It is good for coughing, cramps, infections, insomnia, osteoporosis, tissue repair and for people who can't relax. It is also good for preventing a cold. It's great for kids to stop fevers and coughing, especially at night. This is not a dairy product; it contains no whey or lactose and is safe for people who are allergic to milk products.

Cal-Ma Plus®: This product is good for severe calcium deficiency, osteoporosis and arthritis. It helps bring calcium into a balanced state.

Calsol®: This product is an excellent source of calcium for vegetarians. It is good for hyperirritability, spasms and lower bowel spasms.

Cardio-Plus®: This product is excellent for a sick heart. It helps with any type of heart problem: high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and chest pain. It has been proven to improve heart graphs within minutes of ingestion.

Cardiotrophin®: This product is excellent for someone who has had a heart transplant, severe heart weakness and circulation problems. It is also good for a person who is losing muscle mass.

Catalyn®: This is an outstanding multi-mineral and multi-vitamin with active, live enzymes. It is good for people who have a lowered resistance and fatigue. It is also good for the person with the not so perfect diet.

Cataplex® A: This product is good for the health and maintenance of the mucous membrane. It is good for eye problems, night blindness, kidney stones, sinusitis and general skin disorders.

Cataplex® A-C: This product is a natural antibiotic, which stimulates and supports the body's immune system in digesting bacteria. It is good for the flu, colds, congestion and infections. It is excellent for the client who is allergic to penicillin.

Cataplex® A-C-P: This product is a natural anti-inflammatory. It is a good product for people with poor immune function, infections and skin disorders. This is an anti-stroke, anti-bruising, anti-infection product.

Cataplex® B: This product is used to improve nerve, muscle and heart function. It improves the transmission of nerve impulses. This product is excellent for carbohydrate metabolism and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cataplex® B12: This product is good for a person who has anemia or pernicious anemia.

Cataplex® C: This product is a powerful anti-oxidant. It protects the body from damage within caused by poisons, toxins and poor digestion. It is good for inflammation and congestion, infectious diseases, all healing, weak adrenals and stress.

Cayenne Pepper: This product is good for improving circulation, cleanses the digestive tract, promotes digestive function, shingles and neuropathic pain. Cayenne Pepper works on the nerve receptors, supports the digestive tract, immune and circulatory system.

Chezyn®: This product is good for those with poor immune function, those suffering with frequent colds, men with prostate problems, women with acne and menstrual problems.

Chlorophyll Complex™: This product is good for blood building and red blood cell formation. It is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, potassium, trace minerals and lecithin. It is good for internal healing, low sex drive, bad breath, bleeding, low red blood cell count, GI tract ulcers, colitis and liver disorders.

Cholacol®: This product is good for anyone who has had their gallbladder removed. It is also good for handling sugar cravings, excessive appetite, inability to tolerate fats or oils in the diet and constipation. Cholacol replaces the bile.

Cholacol® 2: This product detoxifies the lymphatic system and the liver. It is good for intestinal detoxification and food poisoning. It helps to quickly neutralize allergens.

Cholaplex®: This product is good for people with high cholesterol levels and hypertension.

Choline: This product is good for people who have difficulty in digesting fatty foods. People with hemorrhoids, constipation or a pasty complexion due to incomplete fat digestion would benefit from this product. It is also good as a mild detoxifier for the person who has a toxic liver, people with mental problems and Alzheimer's.

Circuplex®: This product helps people with circulation problems, arteriosclerosis, loss of memory and cold extremities.

Collagen C™: This product provides a broad spectrum of the various C factors from natural sources. It also helps with collagen formation.

Collinsonia Root: This product is a natural stool softener. It is good for hemorrhoids, varicose veins and hard stools.

Congaplex®: This product is used for infections, colds, flu, congestion and immune deficiency problems.

Copper Liver Chelate™: This product is good for promoting oxygen transfer from the lungs to the bloodstream. It increases oxygen utilization, copper deficiency and overall immune support.

Cruciferous Complete™: This product protects the body against free radicals and stimulates the body's own system for neutralizing harmful substances. Free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules that damage cells and particularly DNA.

Cyrofood®: This product is a good prenatal vitamin, general nutrition, fatigue and lowered resistance. It contains vitamins and trace minerals.

Cyro-Yeast®: This product is a multi-vitamin, mineral supplement with digestive support. It is good for older people.

Cyruta®: This product strengthens the vascular system and helps as well with hypertension. It is also good for arteriosclerosis, lowering cholesterol levels and ringing in the ears. It helps with bleeding gums or people who bruise easily.

Cyruta® Plus: This product is good for bleeding gums, bruising, capillary weakness, gingivitis, migraine headaches, scurvy and ulcerative colitis.

Cataplex® D: This product is good for nose bleeds, delayed healing, low blood pressure, rickets and calcium assimilation problems. The ultraviolet rays from the sun convert the skin oil to Vitamin D. Vitamin D picks up the calcium from the stomach and puts it into the blood. Vitamin F takes it from the blood and puts it into the tissues.

Dermatrophin®: This product is good scars, dry, cracked skin, burns and general skin disorders.

Diaplex®: This product is used to help people who have problems with sugar metabolism (diabetes, hypoglycemia).

Disodium Phosphate: This product is for constipation, gallstones and to rehydrate the bowel. If there are stones in the gallbladder, the client needs this type of phosphate that will help pull out the calcium. Three or four capsules with a glass of warm water upon rising each morning is very effective.

Drenamin®: This product supports the adrenal glands. It is used for adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, low blood pressure, respiratory disorders, allergies, blood sugar disturbances and stress.

Drenatrophin®: This is for a person with severe respiratory weakness, allergies and the person who feels burn out.

Cataplex® E: This is an excellent product to strengthen muscle. It is also good for balancing sex hormones, viral infections and pre- and post-operative healing. This product is excellent for cramps, cramps anywhere in the body, legs, abdomen and heart.

Cataplex® E2: This product is good for muscle fatigue, tissue oxygen starvation, aerobic-type exercise and high altitude discomfort.

Echinacea-C™: This product is good for colds, flu, inflammation and immune support. It is also effective for tonsillitis and laryngitis
E-Manganese™: This product enhances and supports the pituitary gland. It is good for endometriosis.

Emphaplex®: This product is good support for the lungs. It is good for emphysema, asthma and smoker's cough.

E-Poise®: This is an excellent multivitamin. It is a blood-building product excellent for women who want to strengthen their nails, hair, skin and blood.

Cataplex® F: This product is good for people with all kinds of skin conditions, thyroid dysfunction, ridged nails, poor hair quality, dry skin, muscle cramps, Charlie horses, sunburn, sun poisoning, sun sensitivity, tissue calcium starvation, calcium absorption problems, herpes simplex and prostate problems. Vitamin F transports the calcium from the blood into the tissues.

Cataplex® F Perles: This product is made from organic cold-pressed Flax Seed oil. It is the same as Cataplex F but without the iodine.

Fen-Cho®: This product is for mild constipation, it also helps to lubricate the GI tract. It has a mild laxative effect and is for mild constipation.

Fen-Gre®: This product is a natural expectorant. It is good for sinus congestion, respiratory congestion and excess mucus secretions. It helps the productiveness of coughing which helps get mucus out of the lungs. It is good for the person with respiratory congestion and heavy mucus secretions. It blocks the formation of mucus in the respiratory tract.

Ferrofood®: This organically combined iron will improve many blood-building factors. This product is good for anemia, iron deficiency, low red blood cell count and pregnancy.

Folic Acid-B12: This product is good for the pineal gland. It also helps nerve degeneration and pernicious anemia. Its most important function of the body is the formation of DNA.

For Til B12®: This product is good for the geriatric patient. This product helps people who are fatigued and worn out. It is also good for the sex hormones.

Garlic: This product is very effective against infections. It is good for yeast infections, fungal infections, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing arthritic joint inflammation and swimmer's ear.

Cataplex® G: This product promotes nerve relaxation, vasodilation and fat metabolism. It is good for numbness, hypertension, paraesthesia, liver disease, stress syndrome, mental illness, insomnia, hyperactivity and nerve regeneration. It also helps with digestive bloating and is the main vitamin for the liver.

Cataplex® GTF: This product is good for hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, morning sickness and any insulin problem.

Gastrex®: This product helps heal the stomach and small intestines from ulcers. This product is good for gastritis, heartburn and ulcers both in the stomach and small intestines. This product will relieve an over acid stomach quickly.

Gastro-Fiber®: This product promotes bowel function and helps to maintain a healthy lining of the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps support healthy blood vessel walls. It is good for intestinal and colon cleansing and softens stools. It is also good for reducing cholesterol and leaky gut.

Ginkgo Synergy™: This product is effective on brain function and blood circulation. It is good for short and long term memory, arterial disease and it enhances the circulation of blood to the brain, hear, limbs, ears and eyes.

Glucosamine Synergy™: This product is a foundational component of joint cartilage. It is good for arthritis, osteoporosis, damaged cartilage, bursitis, tendonitis and psoriasis. It is gives relief from joint pain and inflammation.

Hepatrophin®: This product is good for venous congestion, liver degeneration, kidney overload and liver disease.

Hypothalamus®: The hypothalamus sets the body's thermostat for energy in fat metabolism. This product is good for those trying to lose weight.

Hypothalmex®: This product is good for someone getting off hormone treatments. It will help get the glands to work on their own.

Immuplex®: This product helps get your immune system to work on its own to fight off viruses and bacteria. It is good for rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders, infectionsboth bacterial and viral.

Inositol: This product is good for diabetes, muscular and nerve pain, degeneration or damage. This is an excellent product to stop someone's craving for sugar. It tends to get your liver to produce more of its own blood sugars.

Iodomere®: This product helps with hypo and hyperthyroidism. Many people get diarrhea caused by the thyroid getting out of balance. This product will help the bowel and kidney dysfunction if the thyroid causes it. People with irregular elimination (diarrhea/constipation) will benefit from this product.

Iplex®: This product helps with vision problems and general eye weakness and cataracts.

Lact-Enz®: When the GI tract is too toxic, it can't grow the good bacteria. This product helps clean up the toxic material so the good bacteria can grow again. It is a combination of digestive enzymes and acidophilus. This product will help with decongesting organs. It is good for intestinal mucus, bad breath, toxemia and after antibiotic use.

Lactic Acid Yeast™: The purpose of lactic acid yeast is to convert carbohydrate and sugars into lactic acid which will acidify the GI tract. By eating refined foods, one develops an alkaline GI tract which leads to problems digesting protein. This causes a problem with the assimilation of calcium and iron. It is needed when someone has intestinal gas.

Ligaplex® 1: This product is good for chronically weak ligaments, hyper mobile joints, athletic injuries, sprains, strains, torn ligaments and postural problems.

Ligaplex® 2: This product is good for muscle degeneration, hernias and geriatric ligament problems.

Linum B6: This product is excellent for dry skin, constipation and cholesterol problems. It a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids because it contains flax seed oil.

Livaplex®: This product is good for liver detoxification, fat metabolism and general liver support.

Magensium Lactate: This product is used for calcium control, kidney stones and mitral valve prolapse.

Mammary®: This product supports breast health. It is good for breast infections, tenderness, tumors and inflammation.

Manganese B12™: This product is a good muscle builder, bone hardener and a ligament strengthener. It is good for ligament tone and joint hypermobility.

Min-Chex®: This is one of the primary tranquilizing products. It is excellent for people who get weepy, emotional and depressed. It is also good for menopausal symptoms, nervousness, hyperactivity and anxiety. It is good for the person whose mind keeps going when he is trying to sleep at night.

Min-Tran®: This product is good for insomnia, a tired brain, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, hyperirritability and heavy metal toxicity. If one has tired eyes this product will help.

Multizyme®: This product is good for clients who are sensitive to an acid stomach or who have heartburn and still need the digestive enzymes. It helps with intestinal parasites, indigestion, ulcers, lower bowel gas and is good for people who need better digestion.

Myo-Plus®: This product provides support for muscle tissue rebuilding and repair. It is especially good for athletes.

Myotrophin®: This product is good for muscle rebuilding and repair. It is good for loss of muscle integrity and circulatory weakness.

Neuroplex®: This product is good for nerve damage, nerve pain, brain support, hot flashes, PMS, appetite control and nervous system disorders.

Neurotrophin®: This product is good for brain trauma or disorders, sluggish thoughts and loss of memory.

Niacinamide-B6: This product is used for depression, paraesthesia and menopausal symptoms. It also helps people who are experiencing burning, prickling sensations in their extremities as it plays a role in improving circulation.

Nutrimere®: This product is good for protein deficiencies, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, flabbiness of the flesh, hypoglycemia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Oculotrophin®: This is a good product for eyestrain, eye fatigue, failing vision and eye trauma.

Okra Pepsin E3: This product is good for colitis, diverticulitis, ulcers, malabsorption syndromes and ileocecal valve problems. It is good for pulling mucus out of the small intestine to improve digestion.

OPC Synergy™: This product is rich in the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help to keep free radicals in check. It slows the production and release of histamine. It is a good antioxidant and is good for hypertension, brain traumas, ADHD, tendency to bruising, eczema, psoriasis and diabetes.

Orchex®: This is a powerful natural tranquilizer. This product is good for people with high blood pressure and irritability.

Orchic PMG®: This product supports healthy testicular function and repair. It is good for infertility.

Organically Bound Minerals: This product is good for balancing out the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It is good for dehydration, digestive spasms, racing heart, nervous system problems and dry mouth. Another indication for this product is people who sigh frequently and feel the need for more oxygen.

Ostarplex®: This product supports bone and joint function and repair. It is good for arthritis.

Ostrophin®: This product is good for bone and joint symptoms, connective tissue weakness, calcium utilization problems, denture sore spots and loose teeth.

Ovatrophin®: This product is good for delayed puberty, amenorrhea, ovarian tumors and cysts.

Ovex®: This product is good for amenorrhea, menstrual irregularity, excessive menstrual flow and postmenopausal osteoporosis. It is good for women who have too much menstrual activity. It contains enzymes that help the body make progesterone.

Palmettoplex®: This product helps support and maintain healthy bladder tissue and elasticity.

Pancreatrophin®: This product is good for diabetes and post antibiotic use. It is used for any pancreas weakness.

Paraplex®: This product is good for low blood sugar problems and thyroid problems.

Parotid PMG®: This product helps pull dental mercury amalgams and chemicals out of the body. It is considered a natural chelator to help clean the arteries.

Phosfood® Liquid: Calcium and phosphorus must be in a balance of 10 calcium to 4 phosphorus in the body. Phosphorus is there to hold the calcium in the blood and is a gland accelerator. When there is not enough phosphorus to hold the calcium in the blood, calcium starts to come out of the body fluids. The calcium goes out of the blood into the kidneys and forms kidney stones, it moves into the joints and this is known as arthritis. If it is on your eyes, it is called cataracts. These conditions are symptoms of a phosphorus deficiency. If the 10 to 4 ratio was too much phosphorus and not enough calcium, you would have calcium coming out of the bones and this is called osteoporosis. This product is good for joint stiffness, gout, nausea, osteoarthritis, fatigue, migraine headaches, kidney stones and increased blood calcium.

Pituitrophin®: This product is supports pituitary gland function. It is good for general endocrine support, delayed healing response, Crohn's disease and colitis.

Phytolyn: This product is good for people with macular degeneration, a family history of cancer, cysts, tumors, ulcers, hypertension and gastrointestinal problems.

Pneumotrophin®: This product is good for respiratory problems, people who live in polluted areas, people who inhale toxic vapors, pneumonia, dry cough and smoker's cough. It will help build up damaged lung tissue.

Promaline Iodine: This product is good for hot flashes, PMS, thyroid dysfunction, tremors and ligament weakness.

Prostate®: This product is good for men with prostate hypertrophy, prostate tumors and uncontrolled urination at night.

Prost-X™: This product helps put calcium into the bones and out of the blood. It is good for prostate hypertrophy, night urination, loss of sex drive and constipation. It supports prostate health by stimulating capillary function and promoting the body's natural tissue development, maintenance and repair system.

Protefood®: This product provides all 8 essential amino acids. It is good for fatigue, stress, hypoglycemia and recovery from operations. It is also good for the person who has weak adrenals or a slow metabolism.

Renafood®: This product is good for kidney disease, stones, renal hypertension, urinary tract infections and fluid balance problems.

Renatrophin®: This product is good for kidney disease.

Ribonucleic Acid (RNA): This product is good for people who have a hard time focusing on things, have a small attention span, have poor short term memory, for clients who get distracted easily and cannot complete the projects they start. It will also help a person focus better and improve his memory. It is also good for cold extremities, hypothyroidism, chronic low resistance and people who are senile.

Rumaplex®: This product is good for rheumatoid arthritis.

Senaplex®: This product is a broad spectrum multiple vitamin. It is good for seniors and senility.

Sesame Seed Oil: This product is good for people who suffer from low platelets, leukemia, poor immune function, anemia, viral infections, histamine reactions, autism and mental problems.

Soy Bean Lecithin: This product is excellent for lowering blood cholesterol, gallbladder symptoms, joint and muscle disturbances. Lecithin is an antidote to cholesterol.

SP Cleanse®: This product is used for detoxification and weight loss. It is good for food allergies, fibromyalgia, eczema and chronic fatigue.

SP Complete™: This product can be used as a meal replacement and is part of the Standard Process Purification Program. It is a vegetarian whole food and herbal supplement.

SP Green Food™: This product supplies those who do not eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. It is also good for phase one and two of liver detoxification and supports normal growth and repair.

Spanish Black Radish: This product is excellent at pulling mucus out of the body in the sinuses, lungs and lymphatics. It is a detoxifying herb for the bowel and the lymphatics. It helps lubricate the bowel and has a slight laxative effect. It is also good for eliminating toxins from the body as well as stopping toxic headaches.

St. John's Wort-IMT™: This product is good for depression, anxiety, insomnia. It is also good for symptoms of menopause, neuralgia and sciatica. It also supports thyroid function.

Super-EFF®: This product is good for aluminum toxicity which is linked to Alzheimer's. It is good for degenerative diseases including muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, liver and kidney damage. It contains a phospholipid material which protects all cells.

Symplex® F: This product helps balance out hormones in women.

Symplex® M: This product helps to balance out hormones in men. It promotes healthy function of the adrenal glands and thyroid function. It enhances endocrine performance and helps maintain male sex hormones.

Thymex®: This product is excellent for bacterial infections, inflammatory conditions, skin conditions, warts, fatty cysts, low resistance, ear infections and allergic reactions. It helps to get your own thymus gland to work better.

Thymus®: This product is good for debilitating diseases, leucopoenia and hyperthyroidism.

Thytrophin®: This product helps to balance out a hyper or hypothyroid problem.

Trace Minerals B12™: This product is an excellent source for trace minerals. It will assist with endocrine weaknesses, low resistance to infections, anemia and hypothyroidism. This is also good for people who have herniated discs.

U.S.F. Ointment®: This topical ointment is good for eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, burns, dry skin, diaper rash and herpes lesions.

Utrophin®: This product is good for any type of uterine disorders, uterine cysts, hysterectomies and people who come off birth control pills. It also helps balance out the female hormones. It has also been effective to help lose weight around the lower abdomen and buttocks.

Vasculin®: This product is good for heart conditions, skipped heartbeats, valve regurgitation, fatigue and arrhythmias.

Wheat Germ Oil: This product is good for menopausal symptoms, acne, cramps, hair, nails, skin support and fertility. It is the best source of Vitamin E in a balanced state. Any problems related to hormones and sex glands requires wheat germ oil.

Zinc Liver Chelate™: This product is good for healing, prostate problems, immune system weakness, optic nerve disorders and improving insulin production.

Zymex®: This product is very effective for detoxifying the colon. It is used for Candida, gastrointestinal tract toxicity and support after antibiotic use. It also an excellent source for improving intestinal flora. The only way to get rid of yeast is to starve it by consuming a nutritional yeast (Zymex). After the yeast dies, use Spanish Black Radish to clean up the bowel.

Zymex® 2: This product is good for intestinal parasites, gas, protein digestion and an itchy anus. It must be taken on an empty stomach.

Zypan®: This product is good for indigestion, gas, anemia, calcium and iron absorption and bad breath. It is excellent for improving protein digestion.

Note: These products are not intended to take the place of medical care that you can get from a licensed medical physician. These products are to help support the structure and function of your body. Nutrition is an individual process and each person is unique.

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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