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At Hesselberg Chiropractic we understand your passion for Golf. Our goal is to not just to eliminate your pain, but to improve your game.

Whether you are an amateur, professional or just an occasional player, at Hesselberg Chiropractic- We Keep You In The Game.

At our state of the art facility we treat Golfers with the latest technologies in Chiropractic and rehab equipment.

It frustrates us. It angers us. And from time to time, it humiliates us. Nobody can ever say the game of golf is easy, but for as many reasons as it is difficult, there is equal reasoning as to why it is one of the most widely played sports in the world.

Physically, the golf swing demands co-ordination, strength, and balance. Mentally, the list is endless. If you have played the game, you are well aware of how challenging it is to have all the components of the swing working in harmony. Next to hitting a Major League fast-ball, the golf swing is considered to be the most difficult athletic movement.

One of the keys of improving your game is understanding how to execute the golf swing effectively and efficiently through proper golf instruction by a certified CPGA instructor. The other side of the puzzle involves the body, and what the body is able to do. Everyone's body is built uniquely, and for the most part, this uniqueness is quite evident when you observe the golf swing. We would all love to have the upper body strength of Tiger Woods, or the shoulder rotation of Sergio Garcia, or the swing speed of John Daly.

The truth of the matter is, unless you're on tour, the vast majority of amateurs only swing the club a couple of times a week. Our body's aren't conditioned to performing the golf swing, and many bio-mechanical limitations within our muscles, joints, and ligaments impact on how effectively we can swing the club. Not to mention, many of us are bringing our nagging pains from everyday life to the golf course, which only exacerbates the pain.

Golf Performance Therapy at Hesselberg Chiropractic was designed with two goals in mind.

  1. Sport-Related Injury Treatment & Prevention:
    • Understand the diagnosis and the therapeutic goal of treatment
    • Examine how the injury occurred and options to prevent re-injury
    • Analyze how your body is functioning bio-mechanically that may be a contributing factor
  2. Enhanced Golf Swing Mechanics:
    • Using a specific protocol of testing, we can determine what muscles are tight, what joints are restricted, and what movements essential to the golf swing are being limited by the conditional state of your body
    • Understand how your bio-mechanics affect the way you hit the ball - whether you slice or hook the ball
    • Feel a more fluid motion to your swing, without the kinks in the backswing, or the pinches in the follow-through
    • Develop a quick and easy pre-round routine that will help you maximize your flexibility
    • Create a personalized training program to help develop more strength and power through the golf swing


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